Pra Dizer Adeus

Song (1966) written by Edu Lobo, a Brazilian singer, guitarist, and composer. Lyrics by Torquato Neto.

Just The Two Of Us

Bill Withers' hit 1981 by "A Fine Romance"

Scharlakenrood (Scharlachrot)

A FINE ROMANCE – Scharlakenrood

This is our Dutch-proof version of a tune from Patent Ochsner. Composed by Buene Huber. We do not own any rights of this song. Dutch lyrics by Angèle Thijs.

For our Dutchie-friends: Patent Ochsner is a Swiss pop group which is well known and loved. They sing in Swiss German. Their song «Scharlachrot» was – and is – a big national hit, sung by any crowd at any open-air-festival-gig of Patent Ochsner in German speaking Switzerland.

Fifty Ways

• Paul Simons great song in Corona-mode.
By A FINE ROMANCE: Angèle Thijs (v) & Jürg "Jogi" Freudiger (b)
We do not own the rights of this tune.

Eine Stimme. Ein Kontrabass.

Pure Swing, pure energy, a fine romance.

Angèle Thijs: v
Jürg Freudiger: b


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